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17 sessions within 3 parallel tracks with 20 spectacular speakers.

Agile Leadership

Leadership plays a vital role in agile transformations. The main theme of the event is Agile Leadership

Agile for Non-IT Teams

Agile spreads day-by-day. Organizations look ways to develop their products in an agile way. Non-IT Agile experiences is the other interesting theme of Agile Days Istanbul.

IT Agility

One of the key element of “being agile” instead of “doing agile” is the technical agility. Technical capabilities and restrictions of organizations are critical for Agile transformations. The third theme of the Agile Days Istanbul is IT Agility.


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[vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”600″ time=”09.00 – 10.00″ adress=” Hall 1 – Radisson Blu Hotel ” speakers=”Tom Gilb” heading=”Value Planning in a Lean and Agile Way for Managers (EN)” description=”Managers need to lead in specific ways in order for their projects to succeed. They need to lead by making the ‘values delivered’ the priority. Not the IT development task itself. They need to set value objectives quantitatively. They need to start real measurable value deliveries very early, and very frequently. They need to measure ‘value delivered’ and ‘costs incurred’ incrementally. They need to contract for incremental value delivery, and pay for value delivered, not just ‘work done’. This is in the spirit of both agile and lean processes: but these are just frameworks. They need specific tools in addition. Managers have to learn new tools for ‘value quantification’, and add these skills to the management and technical skills of their organization. “][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”600″ time=”10.15 – 11:00″ adress=”Hall1 – Radisson Blu Hotel ” speakers=”Joanne Perold” heading=”Agile, Entropy and Human Systems (EN)” description=”I have been thinking a great deal about human systems, what makes them tick, what helps them be better and what gets in their way. In this talk, I will dig into human systems, entropy and agile. I will explore the things that I believe can help human systems to be better and share the things that I have seen yield results. “][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”600″ time=”11:15 – 12:00″ adress=”Hall1 – Radisson Blu Hotel ” speakers=”Selçuk Alimdar” heading=”What is Expected From the Leaders of Agile Organizations? (TR)” description=”Agility requires a significant change in the definition of leadership. This session will deliver a quick and practical guide for leaders on how to approach agile teams and transformations.”][vc_break time=” 12.00 – 13.00″ description=”Session Break & Lunch”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” time=”13:00 – 13:45″ speakers=”Gizem Moral Kunter” mockup_image=”600″ adress=”Hall 1 – Radisson Blu Hotel” heading=”Digital Distruption & Leadership (TR)” description=”Digital disruption affects firms and even industries. Nobody is immune to disruption. This is a loud-and-clear message that it’s time to focus on customer value. A great way for companies(big or small) to generate value for customers is to focus on managing their talents to deliver new levels of collaboration, innovation and ultimately the success of the whole company. We all have to detect and monitor changes in a business environment, act as a well informed decision-making company and execute fast.”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”600″ time=”14:00 – 14:45″ adress=”Hall 1 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Mia Kolmodin” heading=”With Customer Focus and an Agile Mindset (EN)” description=”With customer expectation changing rapidly and an increasing demand for better digital products and services organizations need to find new ways to work an organize them self to be able to deliver customer value more frequently. To manage this, there is need for change in mindset in management and a strategic leadership decision. This seminar is directed to curious leaders who want to support customer focus. Mia will walk us through trends and a strategies in how to organize and lead customer focused product organizations in a way to enable brain power in cross functional and autonomous teams that faster can deliver products and services that creates expected business impact. Mia will also show models for how organizations can work structured with innovation and customer focus to choose to become a shark and not a snail, and real examples from this type of transformation from different type of businesses and organization.”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”600″ time=”15:00 – 15:45″ adress=”Hall 1 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”İlker Demirel” heading=”Assess your Leadership Mindset® and choose the right one (TR)” description=”Mindset is defined as “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations” Our response is the behavior we put in place. That’s what people around us see and perceive. How we behave and act determines how we lead our live and others. Behavior defines our leadership. Consequently leadership is the results of the actions we take based on the mindset we have chosen. Once we understand from which mindset we operate, we can see how supportive the chosen mindset is and eventually make steps towards the mindset we would like to act from. This is in our hands, it is a choice. We will learn here how our mindset is evolutionary build and how we can form our own mindset. Our mindset is organic and living.”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”600″ time=”16:00 – 18:00″ adress=”Hall 1 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Jurgen Appelo” heading=”Agility Scales: Shifting Teams in Better Shapes (EN)” description=”You want to scale agile, but you don’t know how. You like some methods and frameworks, but they don’t fit in your context. You know the organization needs to change, but there is a strong sense of “change resistance”. Scaling Agile to work in large and fast-growing organizations is a hot topic. Some coaches and consultants offer methods and frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Holocracy) but others don’t believe such models can work. Companies such as Spotify publish their own custom approach, but it appears that people try to copy these examples without thinking, and that doesn’t work either. To survive as a company, the organization needs to become a shapeshifter: sometimes hierarchical, sometimes networked; sometimes efficient, sometimes effective; sometimes great at execution, and other times great at innovation. You can only achieve this by motivating people to change continuously. To achieve this, we take a closer look at gamification and habit-forming. Because games and habits are the keys to intrinsic motivation and change. And you need those in your company to become a great shapeshifter!”]
[vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”437″ time=”10:15 – 11:00″ adress=”Hall 2 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”H.Emrah Torun” description=”Product development journey & experiences with Scrum” heading=”Product Development ( Non – IT ) with Scrum (TR)”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”437″ time=”11:15 – 12:00″ adress=”Hall 2 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Emre TOPTANCI” heading=”Workshop – Hybrid(Waterfall+Agile) Portfolio Management (TR)”][vc_break time=” 12:00 – 13:00″ description=”Session Break & Lunch”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”437″ time=”13:00 – 14:45″ adress=”Hall 2 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Erdem Özsalih” heading=”Agile Methodology for Logistics 4.0 (TR)” description=”Ekol has the first and the biggest R&D center in the logistics industry in Turkey with a technology team of more than 150 members. All operational systems, automation and optimization solutions and embedded systems for logistics are developed inhouse with the vision of Logistics 4.0. During this journey, Ekol’s agile transformation which started in 2016 has a key role for the increased creativity and productivity of the technology development teams.”][vc_session leftcolumn=”show” overlay=”1″ mockup_image=”437″ time=”14:00 – 14:45″ adress=”Hall 2 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Onur Özcan” heading=”Dos and Don’ts for Business Units in an Agile Environment (TR)” description=”A gradual increase is being noted in the number of IT companies replacing conventional sequential software development techniques with agile practices. Agile mindset requires businesses to adopt several new ideas and practices. The businesses have to divide their projects into small and incremental releases to manage risk efficiently, accommodate customer feedback, and measure progress frequently. At the same time, agile mindset also emphasizes on technical practices like pair programmig, automated tests, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery to enhance the quality and stability of code. That is why; it becomes essential for enterprises to adopt a number of best practices and avoid certain pitfalls. “][vc_session heading=”Agile in Education (TR)” description=”One of the most typical FAQ’s during agile coaching & training is “How can we apply it in our industry?” “Will it work for our company?”. Obviously, there’s no knowing before you try, yet usually the answer is “Yes”. Here is why: Agile is not a rigid frame, a set of rules, a ‘process’ or ‘project management method’. Rather more, it is an approach, a way-of-working, a mindset. Being customer-first, based on trust & transparency, having the ability to expose the entire process, focusing on waste & bottlenecks..all these aspects make agile very powerful, yet flexible. It enables you to see & seek solutions for problems without being too restrictive; and helps you find out what works best for you by trying out different solutions, thereby inherently “responding to change”. So how about in education? Actually, universities have long begun including agile courses in their curricula, and several schools are already applying agile approaches like eduScrum, a customized version of Scrum for education approved by Jeff Sutherland. Agile has numerous benefits & advantages for companies; in this session we will consider how to leverage on those, and apply agile in education. Together, we will look at real-life examples from around the world, as well as discuss the results.” mockup_image=”437″ time=”15:00 – 15:45″ speakers=”Eda Coşkuner & Semen Arslan & Dilek Çıplak” adress=” Hall 2 – Radisson Blu Hotel”]
[vc_session mockup_image=”437″ time=”10:15 – 11:00″ adress=”Hall 3 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Elif Özdemir & Gürkan Coşkuner” heading=”Scaling Agile at Hepsiburada (TR)” description=”Hepsiburada started experimenting with agile product development in late 2013 as it engaged with ThoughtWorks to build the Minimum Viable Product of its Marketplace platform. 4 years later, as the Marketplace platform matures and agile product development principles and methods expand to 17 product teams, we explore the journey, the practices and structures that worked well and those that did not work so well. “][vc_session mockup_image=”437″ time=”11:15 – 12:00″ adress=”Hall 3 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Cihan Yıldız” heading=”Turkcell Agile Transformation Story (TR)” description=”Occurance of the transformation idea, Challenges of agile transformation, Agile transformation roadmap, Leadership in agile organization, The results of agile transformation …”][vc_break time=”12:00 – 13:00″ description=”Session Break & Lunch”][vc_session mockup_image=”438″ time=”13:00 – 13:45″ adress=”Hall 3 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Barış Yücel” heading=”Agile Banking: Driving the Change (TR)” description=”This is the era of Change. Resisting will end in destruction. Responding is a desperate effort for survival. Only leaders will be on top. To lead, the right combination of Business Agility and DevOps Culture needs to be defined and implemented through the entire organization. “][vc_session mockup_image=”437″ time=”14:00 – 14:45″ adress=”Hall 3 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Metin Gül” heading=”Changing our way of thinking with Agile (TR)” description=”At NN Turkey, our core value for our customers and employees is “you matter ! “ . By embracing the Agile development process, our employees were able to benefit from the increased engagement and collaboration to build quality end products for our customers and business partners.”][vc_session mockup_image=”437″ time=”15:00 – 15:45″ adress=”Hall 3 – Radisson Blu Hotel” speakers=”Tom Gilb” heading=”Advanced Agile Software Engineering (EN)” description=”Agile, as usually taught, is a framework, and you are expected to tune it to your needs. Most versions of agile do not explicitly teach you how to deal with IT system qualities and other values. The result, if you do not take action, is usually focus on delivering an IT system, or even worse ‘code’. The average agile failure rate is 40% (Sutherland), and Scrum says they have ‘only’ 19% project failure (Sutherland). Failure means that you did not deliver the quality and values stakeholders expect within budget and deadline. IT systems should in our opinion have near zero failure rate. But then we have to add something to the agile framework, that most agile cultures do not yet have in place. This addition is ‘explicit targeting’ of ‘numeric stakeholder values and qualities’; together with ‘management of deadlines and budgets’. 1. Quantified Value and Quality Requirements: business results focus 2. Quantification of all strategies and architecture: technology must serve business results 3. Dynamic Prioritization: computing best next delivery steps. 4. Dynamic Design to Cost: agile quality, value and cost management 5. No Cure No Pay Contracting: agile contracting for value not code & work 6. Advanced Product Owner Responsibilities and Capability: much better requirements and design than conventional agile offers. 7. Scale-Free Agile: Planguage works at all scales large and small. 8. Decomposition into small high value result deliveries”]
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How to get there!

Take the Ataturk International Airport exit, and take the left from roundabout to E-5 motorway towards to Kadikoy. After 16 kilometers leave the motorway at Sisli junction and follow the main road. Make U turn to the left from Sisli Mosque. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Sisli will be on the right at 19 Mayis Caddesi (Mayis Street).

Sisli Metro Station – walking distance
Sisli Bus Station – walking distance
Karakoy Port – 5 km

110 Taksim Square – Kadikoy
112 Taksim Square – Bostanci
E10 Kadikoy – Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
15F Kadikoy – Uskudar
34A Sogutlucesme (Kadikoy) – Edirnekapi (Metrobus)
34 Avcilar – Zincirlikuyu (Metrobus)

Karakoy – Haydarpasa – Kadikoy
Kadikoy – Eminonu
Uskudar – Eminonu
Uskudar – Karakoy – Eminonu- Eyup (the Golden Horn route)
Kadikoy – Besiktas
Kabatas – Uskudar – Harem
Istinye – Emirgan – Kanlica – Anadolu Hisari – Kandilli – Bebek – Arnavutkoy – Cengelkoy (the whole Bosphorus route)
Anadolu Kavagi – Rumeli Kavagi, Sariyer
Eminonu, Kavaklar (special Bosphorus tour)
Sirkeci – Adalar – Yalova – Cinarcik (the Princes’ Islands route)

Ataturk International Airport to hotel – approximately EUR 35
Karakoy Port to hotel – approximately EUR 10