eduScrum: an opportunity to close the gap between the educational offer and the market requirements?


Willy Wijnands, the founder of eduScrum believes that Scrum suits the needs of the fast changing market. The workforce of tomorrow has to cope with these changes. Unfortunately, the current educational system is obsolete and this creates a gap between the educational offer and the market requirements. Could eduScrum become the connecting element?

During this session Willy draws a parallel between Scrum and education and Scrum in the non-IT environments. The starting principles are the autonomy and authenticity of people. Willy believes that children do take responsibility and can work together independently.

During this session Willy shares his experience in implementing Scum in education and the benefits eduScrum brings.


eduScrum is an active education process, built on trust, freedom and space. An exploratory journey as students learn and co-create our culture and values. In teams they plan their own activities and keep track of what the progress is. They become owners of their own learning process. The effect is that students are more engaged, more productive, more responsible, self-organized and their results are better. They discover who they are and what their abilities are.

It is such a wonderful experience to see them developing themselves! So, by giving the students the trust and freedom to run their own class and learning process they become beautiful people.