Evolution from #NoProjects to Continuous Digital


Once upon a time there was IT, and IT departments had projects. Projects were always a bad fit for software development but somehow we made them work. As IT became Agile the damage caused by the project model became obvious and #NoProjects emerged to help teams go beyond projects.

Today growth businesses are digital. Technology is the business and the business is technology. Projects end but do you want your business to end? Or do you want it to grow? Growing a digital business means growing software technology.

In this presentation Allan Kelly will look at how #NoProjects came about, how it evolved into Continuous Digital and why it is the future of management.


The history and archives of Continuous Digital & #NoProjects.

Continuous Digital is an management model for organizing digital work. The model evolved out of the #NoProjects critique as an agile alternative to the project model.

There are now three books which discuss Continuous Digital and #NoProjects

Continuous Digital: an agile alternative to projects

Project Myopia: why projects damage software

Reviews of Project Myopia can be found on Amazon UK, USA, Germany and Canada, as well as Scrum Expert and Peter Hilton’s blog.

#noprojects: A Culture of Continuous Value – Evan Laybourn & Shane Hastie