Scrum and COBIT: Friends or Foes?

Bosphorus - II

Adoption of Scrum is increasing. COBIT, on the other side, has domination in information technology field and is a de-facto standard providing an IT governance model with an international set of generally accepted control objectives. Considered the coverage of Scrum and COBIT (version 4.1 in this case), a coexistence of them in the same organization has a possibility of emergence for organizations that want to use Scrum in their COBIT environments. While a rationalized, engineering-based approach has dominated software development almost since its inception and has a co-occurrence and similarities with COBIT, melting COBIT and Scrum in an organization can be intriguing and challenging (especially when full compliance is required, as in the banks in Turkey). This talk aims to shed valuable insight into the identification of challenges and corresponding solutions for such a possible Scrum and COBIT marriage.