Antoinette Coetzee

Antoinette Coetzee

Team, Leadership and Agile Coach

Everything I have ever done in my career comes together in my current role as transformation coach. At the heart of what I do is the desire to develop people, be that as individuals, as members of teams, or as leaders. Agile and Lean bring about major shifts in the way people view work. I love supporting teams and organisations through that difficult change to watch them flourish on the other side. Through a process of training, mentoring and coaching, people go from struggling or average to successful, self-managed, high-performing individuals that understand what it means to BE Agile rather than merely DOing it. This is a challenge in the type of organisations we work in – medium to large corporates – but life is pretty boring without a challenge.

My background is technical – I came to Agile through Martin Fowler and XP way back in 1996, so for many years I worked as a team member in Agile vendor teams internationally. A lot of the work I have done as coach is with software teams, breaking down barriers between traditional roles and finding better ways for teams to grow together and develop quality software. My own development over the last few years focused on professional coaching, change management and facilitation. I chose to specialise in Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). Along with extensive Agile Coaching training from the Agile Coaching institute (ACI) this has widened the scope of my work to include enterprise transformation in general. I started my own Agile coaching company, Just Plain Agile in 2008, and as international partners of ACI we specialise in growing Agile coaches in South Africa.

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