Gert Brits

Gert Brits

Agile Coach at Spotify

Gert is currently working as an Agile Coach at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a background in various industries such as programming, graphic design and education. Gaining exposure to such varied fields has enriched his abilities as an Agile Coach, enabling him to work well within diverse contexts. His recent interests are working with teams outside of Technology such as those within Internal Audit, Finance, Business Strategy; departments that may not readily have access to Agile Coaching.

Having relocated from South Africa and being an avid fly fisherman, Gert is usually standing in a river or hiking through forests in his spare time.

Agile outside of Technology

Bosphorus - II

Are you in the Finance, Legal or Internal Audit departments? Do you have access to an Agile Coach, or is that generally only for the development teams? With our world growing and expanding the way it is, we see things like “Agile in HR”, “Marketing in the Agile Way”, and many other adaptations of how […]