Jacopo Romei

Jacopo Romei

Creator of Extreme Contracts

In 2003 I spotted new agile ways to develop software and, as a young entrepreneur I gave them a try. I introduced agile in eBay Italia, Siemens and FAO but in 2011 I realized the problem often is in organisations’ governance and in the agreements we negotiate. This led me to become a member of the board of European Organisation Design Forum (EODF).

Usually I get hired by people who want to waste less time, money and enthusiasm. I help those people working together in better ways because that’s a big chunk of our lives.

I wrote a few books: “Pro PHP Refactoring”, a TDD chapter in “PHP Best Practices” and “Extreme Contracts” in 2017, on contracts and negotiation in knowledge work. I also contributed to a couple of books written by Jurgen Appelo.

I am among the founders of ALE Agile Lean Europe network, PHP User Group Roma and Arduino User Group Roma.

I’ve got a sailing license because of the sea, a glider pilot license because of the sky and I am an LSP facilitator certified by Lucio Margulis.

Extreme Contracts
Extreme Contracts is a concept I created to redefine negotiation in any job happening in the turbulent and complex environment of knowledge work: designers, developers, architects, managers, photographers and everybody who is in charge of delivering projects with volatile requirements, uncertainty and tons of skills required.

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