Pınar Ayorak

Pınar Ayorak

Head of Agile Transition Office

Pınar is an organisational transformation & development consultant. She is leading the Agile Transformation at Yapı Kredi Bank in Istanbul.

Starting her career in USA in 2002 as Computer Scientist and working in changing international environments since then, she has built up considerable experience in helping companies effectively translating strategy into technology and business execution, through development of high performance teams, strong business acumen and stakeholder engagement.

She enjoys being a pioneer of new ideas and passionate about her mission personally and professionally.

“Challenge Accepted”

Bosphorus - I

The talk would be about the transition focusing the oganisational challenges, talent attractions and retentions Key Contents: Agile responds to the central challenge of business               Agile organisations have hierarchy of competence, not a hierarchy of authority               Creating workplaces that draws on all the talents of those doing the work