Serkan Dogen

Serkan Dogen

Consultant @Woodmark Consulting AG

After Serkan graduated as Master of Science in Information Systems, he started his career in a project management consultancy 2014. He passed the Scrum Master Certification soon after and has been a Scrum Master ever since in many agile projects. Currently he is teaching undergraduates the ropes of Scrum in the University of Pforzheim and works for a BI and IOT consultancy in Munich. As Co-Founder of the start up world of scrum it is his mission to help companies to perform agile transformation successfully.

Creating a persona for Scrum in the digital world!

Citronelle Workshop Room

In our workshop session we will give a short intro into Design Thinking. What can Design Thinking do to help understanding the end user? In teams of 4-6 persons we will formulate a Design Challenge around the topic Scrum and Digitalization and put it into a question. As we have only 45 minutes we will […]

English Workshop