Willy Wijnands

Willy Wijnands

Initiator and founder of eduScrum

Willy Wijnands is a passionate chemistry and physics teacher on the Ashram College in Alphen aan de Rijn and Aikido teacher. He is the initiator and founder of eduScrum and co-founder of the worldwide initiative “Agile in Education”. Co-author of the eduScrum guide and co-author of “Scrum in Actie”.
‘I give the students ownership of their own learning process, but most important trust. The students take their responsibility for what they do and I give them liberty and space. The effect is that students are engaged, more productive and their results are better; It is such a wonderful to see them developing themselves!’ 

What does eduScrum mean?

eduScrum is an edit of Scrum, for all kind of education.

eduScrum can give you wings!

But when you don’t explain the WHY

you can’t fly.

eduScrum is an active collaborative education process
eduScrum allows students to make assignments according to a fixed rhythm. They plan and determine their own activities themselves and keeping track of their progress. The teacher “determines” the assignments, coach and give advice.

eduScrum turns education upside down!

From teacher-driven education to student-driven & organized education.

The teacher determines the Why and the What, the students determine the How.

With eduScrum, the students own their own learning process, resulting in intrinsic motivation, fun, personal growth and better results.

A groundbreaking way of education, where personalized learning has a very important role, like the 4 C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication & Critical Thinking.

Collaboration that gives you wings


Scrum is a detailed method for people to work together in an enjoyable way. It also leads to great results. Scrum was developed for the IT world, it is the answer to apparently uncontrollable and complex IT projects. In the IT Scrum is booming: more and more huge companies have started to work with Scrum. Different areas are also turning to work with Scrum. Everywhere the benefits are tremendous: speed, work pleasure and results increase immediately.


eduScrum uses the powerful ceremonies, roles and tools of Scrum. In this way the group owned scrum board gives the students an overview and the structure to make the group’s work transparent. Every lesson starts with the stand-up which sees to it that there is a focus and a bond, this also put them in the right work mode. The retrospectives help students to continuously improve their tactics. eduScrum is a framework for a cocreative process and supporting.
Pedagogic layer

In eduScrum learning is the key element: effectively and efficient learning, learning to cooperate better, learning to get to know themselves better, learning to be co-creative. Because of that eduScrum owns an extra ceremony: creating teams on the basis of additional qualities. Own and extra instruments have also been developed. These instruments challenge and appeal to young people. With that eduScrum puts a powerful pedagogic layer under Scrum.


The benefits of eduScrum are similar to those of ScrumThis way of workinggenerates pleasure, power and responsibilitythe work is faster and the results are better. In addition, students pass through a positive personal development.

The secret of eduScrum

The secret of eduScrum is ‘Ownership’.

The eduScrum guide

You can download the guide here.

eduScrum in 5 minutes (Ignite Talk)

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